Architectural Review Application

Have a plan for your yard? Follow these three simple steps:
1. Download and complete an ARB application form.
2. Make a copy of your plot plan and indicate where the changes will be made.
3. Add any descriptive material, such as pictures, plant descriptions or contractor plan.

Submit form and plot plan online, mail it to address on form, or give to ARB at an HOA meeting. Get plan approved and start digging!

Need landscaping tips? Want to use less water and chemicals? Go to and and learn all about Florida-Friendly landscaping in our community.

Your yard could win the Yard of the Month selection, and a $25 gift certificate donated by the Lake Fischer Estates Homeowners’ Association!

If you have any questions or comments about your application, please come to the monthly member meetings. Between 6:30 pm and 7pm before the meeting the Architectural Review Board goes through new applications. You may apply in person at that time or send in your application by mail. At the meeting you will be able to discuss your proposal with the ARB. All improvements to residential properties are subject to approval by the board (12.5 LFE Bylaws).

The following two notices are based on the letter sent out by the President of the Lake Fischer Estates HOA, April 2012.

On-Street Parking

Parking on the streets within our community is prohibited between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.
Without notice, violator’s vehicles can be towed at the violator’s expense. The towing company’s signage is posted at the entry of our subdivision. If your vehicle is towed, you will need to contact the number for the tow company posted on the sign to make arrangements for retrieving your vehicle from the tow yard.
Thank you.

Changes to Architectural Guidelines

On May 17 2011, the LFE Board agreed to amend a section of the ARB guidelines, here is a summary, for more detailed information please go to the link on this ARB page.

In a nutshell: if your application for construction, landscaping or painting has been accepted by the Board, then there are new timelines for commencement and completion:
Start construction within 90 days, non-construction in 90 days. Completion for construction in a timely manner. Lots that are in violation have 45 days to commence and complete a project.

Homeowners may request an extension no less that 3 days prior to expiration. An approval will be withdrawn if the homeowner has not complied with any of these rules.

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