Thornebrooke Elementary
601 Thornebrooke Drive
Ocoee, FL 34761
407 909 1301
Thornebrooke website

Gotha Middle School
9155 Gotha Road
Windermere, FL 34786
407 521 2361
GMS website

Olympia High School
4301 S Apopka Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32835
407 905 6400
OHS website


If you have a raccoon in your yard and it is not going away, or any other wildlife issue, please call 311or 407-836 3111. It is a government 24/7 number for unincorporated Orange County that will connect you to the appropriate department that will help to resolve the problem. They will collect wildlife for free.

Departments include: Traffic, Roads and Drainage, Animal Services and Code Enforcement.


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Red’s Automotive Service Corp
729 S Bluford Ave
Ocoee, FL 34761
407 877 9996

Place to get sod
Royal Mulch and Nursery
2204 Hempel Ave
Gotha, FL 34734
407 296 3042

Pest Control
Eco-wise Pest Management
407 295 7194

Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing by Rod Lowell
407 340 4107

Septic systems (especially emergency)
Sauer Septic Systems
407 656 1926

407 877 6444

Residential Solar
Superior Solar
Longwood, FL
407 331 9077

Overhead door repair
New Image Ventures, Inc
1 888 247 7292
407 859 5575
352 383 7368

Sliding door repair
Fred Lane
A & R Patio Door Repair, LLC
407 739 3667

Palm trimming
Palm Trimming Now, Inc.
Miguel and Ruby Avellaneda
321 438 3398
[email protected]


Piano Tuner
Scott D. Kearney
352 324 2548

Frank Gay Plumbing
407 293 2642


Ocoee Pediatrics
407 877 8300

The Meisenheimer Clinic
7300 Sandlake Commons Blvd, Suite 105
Orlando, FL 32819
407 352 2444

Mobile Vet
Mobile Veterinary Services
Ivan Alfonso, DVM
407 295 7547

Ocoee Animal Hospital
407 656 6050

Dr Nitisusanta (kids welcome too)
2704 Rew Circle Suite 103, Ocoee
407 877 9003

Environmental FAQs

What is the Orange County environmental website?

What dates are garbage or recycling collected? 
Click here for Orange County Utilities Department.

What about household hazardous waste such as pool chemicals, pesticides or household cleaning fluids?
Call 407 836 6601 and ask to speak with the environmental staff at the landfill.

Are there landscaping or lawn care classes?
Orange County Extension Education Center (University of Florida) has classes and workshops on anything from “Summer landscape pests” to “Fall lawn care”. If you want to know from the pros how to get better results in your yard, call 407 254 9200 for class info or register online at
Landscape classes.

What water district are we in? What about stormwater systems?
Click here for link to St John’s River Water Management District.

What about discharges into storm drains?
Do not discard any polluting material into a street, alley, or storm drain. This includes dumping of (excess) swimming pool water. Call the Orange County Environmental Protection Division at 407 836 1400, and give them the location, time, and any other observations you may have witnessed. Violations that are reported while they are in progress can often be corrected quickly and may results in little or no pollution entering a lake. As a gated community we are responsible for keeping our retention pond and lake clean.

What is the Federal Clean Water Act?
The Federal Clean Water Act was established in 1972 to protect our waterways. As a result, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination (NPDES) was developed, and our nation’s waterways have shown an increase in quality. Please participate with us in this work by finding ways that you can help.

How can I help?
Plant and maintain vegetation on bare and sloped areas.
Route roof drainage to lawns, or collection barrels.
Preserve existing vegetation.
Start a compost pile for leaves and other yard waste. Leaves and grass clippings that are able to reach a lake through a storm drain will decrease the amount of oxygen in the water as they decompose. Released nutrients can cause excessive algal growth which may result in fish kill.
Invest in a mulching blade for your lawn mower.
If you have a lawn service, please have them comply with these guidelines.
Maintain septic tanks reularly.

Which pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers should I use?
More frequent and lower dose application of fertilizers will cause less pollution runoff. Use fertilizers with low levels of phosphorous (middle number on the package, example: 808).

Check with Orange County Cooperative Extension Office for your pest and weed problems. They may be able to suggest natural solutions. Their phone number is 407 254 9200. Free advice!

My property borders the lake, can I clear the area?
Homeowners can clear up to 50% of their lake frontage, to a maximum of 30 feet, for water access. Remaining areas should not be mown or cleared, creating a buffer of ten feet or more between water and lawn. This buffer zone will absorb some of the run off from the yard.

Do I need a permit for a boat ramp?

Where can I find the Florida-friendly landscaping ordinances as written in the Florida Statutes? and find XXVIII 373.185 under 2009 Florida Statutes, or go to the ARB page on this website where you will find a downloadable pdf file of the law.

What is Florida-friendly landscaping and how does this affect our neighborhood?
Go to and for more details IFAS/UFL

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