Please be advised that ALL streets in Lake Fischer Estates will be re-paved within the next couple of months.

The Board of Directors, along with Lighthouse Management, are coordinating this big project with Seminole Paving, who submitted the lowest of 3 bids that were submitted.  The roads are in need of resurfacing as they are the original roads that were paved in the late 1990’s. We have been planning for this for the last several years and, we are happy to say, that we have accrued enough funds to completely pay for this WITHOUT any one-time assessments!  The Board is planning a comprehensive communication to all homeowners complete with timing, traffic flow instructions and what will be required of all of us.  The complete job should take an estimated 3-5 days and when it’s completed it will enhance our community and, hopefully, increase all of our home values.  Please be on the lookout for informational  postings by the gate, letters that will be both mailed and hand delivered to each home and postings on the website.  Thank you in advance and look for the details in the next couple of weeks.

Your Lake Fischer Estates Homeowners Board of Directors